Portugal is a wonderful country. From stretched beaches to bursting towns it really captures the eye. The wonderful scenery is just perfect for warm and ‘ wish i was there’ images which really makes the country more inviting and somewhere i would highly recommend as a holiday destination. As the holiday i went on was more for relaxing i didn’t get to see the busting town as much as i did the private beached and the absolutely freezing swimming pools (which i have to say defiantly don’t get warmer the longer you are in there). The town wasn’t too far away from where we were staying so we walked there to get some food on one of my last nights, my parents had a platter filled with fish which to me looked absolutely disgusting but to them was the most beautiful fish they had ever eaten. As tempting as the fish was, my brother and i opted for the safer option of a burger which turned out to be served with rice but i think i’ll stick to chips. The food there is wonderful and the company, very inviting and surprisingly, if you go to the beaches at sunset there isn’t anyone there which was perfect for taking pictures of the fine sand and lapping waves. I wish to visit again sometime but maybe this time it will be somewhere with a heated pool 🙂

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